Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

E-commerce is one of the most favored job sectors by graduates from Tier 1 colleges like, IITs and IIMs. As per a research conducted by Nielsen, has the findings that top graduates are now looking forward to wet their feet in this career domain.

The influx of fresh graduates towards this job sector is justified taking into consideration the growth this industry has achieved in its nascent years and is likely to grow at 50-55% annually for the next three years amounting to INR 50,000 Cr by 2016.

Not only the creamy layer of graduates, but fresh graduates have an access to plenty of opportunities as the industry is still moving forward at a rapid rate. Some profiles which were never in existence in the past years, have been created by the industry to funnel specialized roles for better operations and revenue growth, as an individual is assigned one particular set of tasks to accomplish.

Ideally, graduates who are fast paced, love challenges and are fuelled by passion have high chances of landing with a suitable e-commerce job. Innovatiness and creativity are the prime features of e-commerce jobs allowing one to exploit their potential.

Technical and non-technical roles, such as; content writing, graphic designing, community building and digital marketing, are some of them which allow talented graduates to pursue their passion in the fields of writing, designing and networking. Technical roles as that of a mobile app developed, web developer, information architects are lucrative e-commerce job option for geeks and the creative. Buy Now Pay Later TV Zilch

Other roles such as product management, product marketing, merchandizing, crosselling, up-selling, profit management, customer service, customer acquisition and supply chain management; are some of the conventional profiles which are available in other job sectors, however, these positions offered with e-commerce jobs are a lucrative option and sets your career path on a fast track of growth.

E-commerce jobs provide a platform to all employees to achieve growth in their career, which is done through the means of exposure and opportunities to utilize their full potential.

The work culture in the e-commerce industry is pretty exciting as well as challenging, at the same time. Free meals, paid travel, employee stock options and high pay packages; are the factors leading to a higher level of job satisfaction among the employees.

In a nut shell, e-commerce jobs are set to touch the roof. Major e-commerce brands are expecting investments which shall help them to reach out to a wider customer base and thereby leading to an exponential increase in e-commerce jobs.

This industry is ideally for those who can keep abreast with the changing trends in the industry and exploit them for their employers benefit, which shall directly impact your career goals allowing you to make it to the apex in no time.


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