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In order for a grinder to be termed the best regardless of what you are looking to grind, the grinder has to pass a test. It has to fulfill a number of factors in order to be able to provide efficient service while making it easy for you to grind your herbs. It is a fact that grinders come in different sizes and types but the most important factor to be used when looking to crown the best one in the business is the materials used to make the grinder. This is because the materials that are used to make the grinder will dictate whether your choice will be durable; provide you with top quality service or whether or not you can count on an easy grinding process with good quality grind.

One of the most common materials used to make grinders is aluminum and unlike wood or plastic grinders aluminum grinders are the best one in the market. There is a number of reasons way aluminum or metal grinders are some of the best. It goes without saying however that an aluminum grinder will cost you slightly more than a plastic or wooden grinder for the following reasons.


Nobody wants to spend more than $70 on a grinder that is less likely to last for more than one year. If you choose to purchase an aluminum grinder you are likely to spend that amount or more depending on the number of chambers that the grinder has. The beauty of an aluminum grinder is that it is made of some of the most durable material there is. Metal lasts a long time and depending on whether the grinder is titanium coated as many of the ones designed nowadays are you can expect that your grinder will last much longer than just one year. When compared to plastic and wooden grinders aluminum grinders are the best in terms of durability. This means that even if you spend more than $70 on an aluminum grinder, you can expect that it will last a lot longer than a plastic or wood grinder.


You also don’t want a grinder that will not provide good quality grind in the shortest time possible. This is a problem that you are less likely to experience when using an aluminum grinder. The reason why metal grinders are considered the best grinders in the business is not because they are durable but because of the fact that they are efficient and will get the job done almost perfectly. When you buy an aluminum grinder you will get the cool grinder in terms of efficiency for the simple reason that they have been designed for the job and that they are an improvement of wooden and plastic grinders. Aluminum grinders re lightweight since most of the design is dedicated to the grinding process

Further making an aluminum grinder the best grinder for the job is the fact that the grinder comes with a pollen screen that is meant to pollinate your herbs during the grinding process. Aluminum grinders will also come with a separate compartment to store the pollen. This is a far cry from wooden and plastic grinders that are less likely to have a pollen compartment built into them.

The aluminum grinders also have the sharpest teeth of any grinder which means that the grinding process will be easy and very fast. This is the best grinder for the job and one that will not waste your time.

Easy to clean:

Because of the fact that many aluminum grinders are entirely made from metal means that they are easier to clean than plastic or wooden grinders. They also have fewer detachable parts making them very easy to dismantle and put back together after cleaning. But perhaps the one thing that makes an aluminum grinder the best grinder in the business is the fact that there is less risk of your grind being contaminated by the grinder during the grinding process. wet grinder Plastic grinders have been known to contaminate the grind with plastic shavings that can be quite the health hazard as do wooden grinders especially those that are painted or finished with varnish. There will also be less leftover pieces of the herb being ground with an aluminum grinder due to the fact that the blades are usually sharp and provide you with very good quality grind.

The efficiency of an aluminum grinder also means that your herbs are able to retain their potency and flavor since the process is fast and doesn’t overly grind the herbs. In other words aluminum grinders provide you with the best grinding experience and hence carry the day as the best grinders in the market.

The only disadvantage is that there are so many to choose from meaning that you will have to be very vigilant if you are going to buy the best grinder in the market. We have already established that the best grinder in the market is one that is made of aluminum but so very many manufacturers are coming up with different designs of the aluminum grinders in an attempt to make them more efficient. This is a good thing except that it becomes a big problem trying to find the right one. This problem is easily solved by making sure that you are well aware of what you are looking for in a grinder and how much you are willing to spend.

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