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After capturing an image you can enjoy your photos in many ways. You can e-mail and share them, upload and publish web photo gallery, decorate your digital albums, make collages, create pdf slide shows, photo greeting cards, photo montage and more.

Which digital Image Software is Right for me?
With digital images there are so many options and various software products that will address different areas of digital imaging. These various options may be confusing at times. In order to identify which digital image software a project needs, it is a good idea to look at Image Software categories.

Major Digital Image Software Categories Are: Photo Editing, Organize-Share and Fix, Backup and Recovery, Bach Processing, JPEG Tools, Image Database Catalog and Meta-data Software.

Photo Editing addresses manipulating and correcting images such as cropping shrinking removing red eye and so on. Photo editing requires software such as Photo shop, Paint Shop Pro, Photo shop Elements and many others.

Organize-Share and Fix Images is the second category and as the name implies lets you organize, share and fix your images. Many editing software packages offer this feature as an addition to plain editing. Adobe Light Room is a program that will let you finish organizing and sharing projects. Sharing images is also possible online without purchasing a program. There are many sharing sites offer unlimited space and tools to publish photographs or albums.

Create a photo gift. There are places out there that will take your digital image and place in on shirts, mouse pads, cups, calendars and numerous other items. These make wonderful gifts and provide a way to keep a cherished picture near at all times. Diabetic Eye screenings

Print your images and place them in a photo album. Many people still like turning the pages of a photo album and reviewing the memories. This also makes it possible for those without a computer to view your pictures.

Backup and Recovery
Backing up your “precious moments” and archiving photographs is always a good idea and an important area of software categories.

How to Save Photos From Your Digital Camera
Once you’ve taken photos with your digital camera, you need to store them somewhere. You could always leave them on the memory card, but that would get rather expensive, so let’s explore a few other options.

– Transfer your images onto your computer. Most cameras come with a wire to connect your camera to your computer, a CD with a downloading program and an instruction booklet. Transferring the images is fast and simple. Once they are on the computer, you can delete the images from your memory card and start taking more photos.



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